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   UPDATE: Monday, June 19, 2007 - Straightened up the site quite a bit today. I still have intentions on opening the site I talked about here in Barbaro's memory. I have been very busy with real life, and it was hard to do the site immediately after Barbaro's passing, but now I feel I am ready (and I have more time) to tackle this project soon here. I apologize for not having it up sooner... Also I need more pics of Barbaro! Nice ones! The gallery is coming along, and I want the best Pictures possible in there, so If you have some, or know where I can obtain some more, please let me know.

It should also be known that I will be soon building up a very nice site soon, that will be a very nice tribute to Barbaro over at www.barbarotribute.com. I will provide more info on this quite soon, but brielfy, it will be a very neat site for all of us to visit to reflect how special of an athlete Barbaro was...If you would like to receive an email upon completion of the site, simply let me know with an email and you will receive a simple reply and nothing more when it is finished.

If anyone wishes to view the old signatures from the first book, click here. ALSO PLEASE NOTE: A new site has recently opened offering official fine art prints of Barbaro! To read all about it click here, or head directly over there via BarbaroPrints.com.

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Note: This is not an official Barbaro site, I am just a great fan of Barbaro and wanted to provide this site while he endures his recovery process.

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